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  1. Budget Home Setup - Help Please
  2. peoples opions
  3. 75"-80"+ LED TV Recommendations for Home Theater
  4. best 5in1 hdmi splitter
  5. Marantz 5011, 6011, or 7011?
  6. Need some guidance.
  7. very best mono block for centre
  8. Himage ht1250 home theater in a box
  9. VIZIO P Series
  10. best ofte three comparison
  11. Klipsch RSW-10d Powered Subwoofer not working
  12. Design a simple Video Switch?
  13. Affordable projector for retro gaming
  14. Not so smart XBR75x850C
  15. Marantz SR8500 pre-amp on fronts
  16. New Sub-Woofer not working with AV Receiver
  17. Upgrading A/V Receiver
  18. Why do audio op amps require such high rail voltages?
  19. My main HT system room refresh
  20. My supplementary website
  21. Right Height Mount From Dynamic Mounting Experience
  22. I need a universal remote. Help appreciated.
  23. Yamaha BD-S681
  24. HDMI or digital Coax for HT audio?
  25. clicking sounds on DTS audio but not Dolby Digital - Denon AVR 1708
  26. Marantz BD8003 blu ray player
  27. upgrade
  28. Newbie needs help with surround sound!
  29. AVR with digital [DAC] by-pass
  30. Stereo receiver with IR trigger input
  31. To center channel, or not to.......
  32. Toshiba D-VR4XSU HiFi Video Cassette Recorder & DVD Recorder / Player VCR VHS
  33. Oppo rules!
  34. A rookie trying to build a decent home theater
  35. Bought a new Bluray player
  36. Onkyo 804 vs Marantz 7500
  37. Streaming and Dolby Digital
  38. New Sony TV w/ Pioneer sc 6
  39. Questions about APC C2 power filter
  40. Klipsch Quintet V - Old model vs new one
  41. Home Theatre Audio Help
  42. Please HELP. Denon AVR 2160 Won't re-set
  43. Rotel 1067 crapped out, looking for advice on replacement
  44. Help with my sub
  45. Pipo X7s, "TV box" running Win 8.1 is on the way
  46. Need some input! HELP
  47. Computer speakers to TV? DAC? Help!
  48. Qieustion on how to connect 5.1.2 to my Yamaha RX-A2040 receiver
  49. Please Review Panasonic BTT465 1000W (RMS)
  50. APPLE TV and FLAC streaming
  51. connection between my computer using a HDMI cable to an AV receiver.....
  52. Old Samsung LN40A550P3FXZA
  53. New Receiver for HT
  54. Budget 40 inch LED TVs faceoff (Hisense, Sceptre, Insignia)
  55. Roku 3 and old school receiver
  56. Amazing Moving TV Mount for over fireplaces
  57. Sound bar primer, please ....
  58. I need help before my new receiver depletes me of my sanity!
  59. Windows 8 and Sony KDL47W802a issues
  60. Need equipment advice
  61. Jvc th-a10r
  62. Receivers?
  63. Need advice on in wall speakers, projector screen and projector
  64. Top Rated TVs of 2014
  65. What do I need to know about TVs?
  66. You guys won't believe this, big step for me :)
  67. New Vizio E and M series making quite a stir out there
  68. New to AV Audio Setups - Some questions
  69. A Different Take on Blind Audio Testing
  70. Plasma is officially dead
  71. Building a home theatre, want advice on projector/screen setup.
  72. Chance to upgrade my reciever, is it worth it? Feedback desired.
  73. "5 Reasons Dolby Atmos May Be DOA"
  74. World's most expensive speakers
  75. HBO without cable TV
  76. Vizio firmware update
  77. Are Insignia LCDs any good
  78. New Receiver For Family Room Setup
  79. Looking for sound bar or home theater ? who do i know if my tv is compatible?
  80. IS HD-DVD/ Blu ray worth it for a 32" 1080p hdtv??
  81. What equipment do I need for a home theater system?
  82. Connecting a home theater amp to a dj amp for more power?
  83. How can i get a video from theatre mode on to youtube?
  84. How to connect graphic equalizer to onkyo home theater receiver
  85. onkyo tx-sr602 decoder issue?
  86. A receiver, or...
  87. Looking at LCD's in Wally World
  88. Netflix to raise prices
  89. Amplifier Help - Newbie
  90. Two Room Set-up
  91. Simple Inexpensive Home Theatre
  92. Welp.... Stevo's at it again!!!!! This time Surround Sound is dead!!!!
  93. Blu-ray Picture Quality. Please Help.
  94. Lounge setup
  95. Larger TV or HD cable box/
  96. denon DRA 1000 to Sony bravia kdl42w654
  97. Setting up home theater
  98. Samsung TV and Vizio Sound bar has no sound when playing movie from USB thumb drive
  99. Sony vs Philips bluray player
  100. Power Surge
  101. 42" TV crapped out, replacement advice
  102. Bought new Bluray player
  103. Receiver upgrade under $500 - Suggestions anyone?
  104. How can you run a line from an ipad to 3 tvs?
  105. Denon AVR-989 repair help
  106. Need a little help!
  107. Multi-zone setup
  108. Confused about the older Sony ES lines. Mainly their receivers STR DAxES
  109. reset maranz sr-5007
  110. deep color
  111. the usual sound and TV hook up question
  112. Rockin' the Roku!
  113. Pioneer Elite BDP 95FD
  114. Marantz SR5008 intial impressions
  115. home theater avr and music avr with 2 speakers--good tech question
  116. Denon DRA1025RA question related to tape monitors
  117. Help! Integra 30.3 stopped all audio output while USB and NET say Now Initialize
  118. HD Recorder for under $50 !
  119. 11.2 Home Cinema
  120. Been gone too long, need help with AVR.
  121. KDL47w802a and Netflix
  122. First new gear in a Coon's age....
  123. Video quality differences between BluRay players
  124. Panasonic SC-HT 15 F76m Error Msg
  125. Subwoofer with music: Yes or No?
  126. Is there any reason for me to still buy and Oppo?
  127. Samsung UNXX6400 Smart TV- AllShare & WiFi Direct
  128. Switched to Direct TV
  129. Promonitor 1000 or ML Motion 4
  130. connection problem:hdmi vs analogic
  131. Need Sound Bar Advice
  132. Headline says "Falling TV's send a child to the hospital every thirty minutes"
  133. using Acoustimass® 10 speaker without a receiver
  134. Still Purchase DVDs?
  135. Lg 55la6200 tv?
  136. Can audio signal be routed thru HDTV then to receiver instead of straight to receiver
  137. Sony and Gallo System?
  138. Marantz SR5007 or SR6007?
  139. Need advice on a new sound system upgrade.
  140. Add a Subwoofer to a Lifestyle v35 Home Entertainment System (Bose)
  141. Aaargh!!!! No, not my amp!?!
  142. Something I never considered when it comes to acoustics
  143. 50 inch 4K HDTV from China for $1300
  144. Powerline audio/video kit
  145. Need advice on a HUGE HDTV.
  146. Motion blur
  147. DVD player wont power up!
  148. Major changes coming to my reference theater
  149. Audio Cabinet
  150. What Say You?
  151. Toshiba vs. Panasonic- LED
  152. Hello everyone, my name is Caroline
  153. Thinking of moving on to HT separates...
  154. A way to make RCA/S-Video Compatible on Modern TV's without those type of inputs?
  155. Pre/pro choice?
  156. pro amp to pre amp/av receiver, urgent help needed
  157. Parents new samsung
  158. New Outlaw Audio AV processor
  159. Marantz SR5007 or Onkyo 717
  160. DTS? Dolby this that and another thing?
  161. Looking to buy an new HT processor. What woudl you recommend?
  162. Home cinema upgrade - opinions sought
  163. Sonos soundbar
  164. Receiver cutting off, HELP
  165. do I need to upgrade? and other questions
  166. A great example of what NOT to do in hometheater
  167. Wiring for Home Theater
  168. Help With New Blu Ray
  169. What kids want
  170. new video setup
  171. Vizio E322AR Smart TV - Don't do it!
  172. A/V Receiver hookups
  173. YHT-397 and speaker ohm setting?
  174. Which Blu-ray player for my Yamaha RX-A1020????
  175. Balancing Bass with different sources
  176. Anyone need this gizmo? It's $25, down from over $300!!
  177. THX Video Calibration
  178. Video Camcorder with Mic Split?
  179. Is DVD format dead
  180. Design & Equipment Suggestions: $7,000 Projection Room
  181. Will Onkyo txds-656 play blu ray 5.1?
  182. What is a hometheater?
  183. Choosing Blu ray player
  184. First step forward in awhile.
  185. OPPO-tunity digital BDP- 103 & 105 is here
  186. Calling Sir T: Question About Headphone Output
  187. 2012 Flagship TV Faceoff
  188. screen and projector combo advice
  189. Batteries: Name-brand vs. generic
  190. Samsung un55es8000 first impressions
  191. Mirage mx 5.1 subwoofer inquiry
  192. Local channels via Cable
  193. TV Upgrade
  194. Time for a new TV
  195. My newest Hometheater project
  196. Blu Ray player?
  197. Vizio Google-TV steam box
  198. Killer HT Upgrade: the Directv iPad App
  199. Hulu Plus two-month free subscription
  200. Message for nrx789, can't PM you
  201. I've decided to take the Home theater plunge
  202. Dolby improves the sound of Bluray...sort of
  203. Walmart selling Samsung tubed blu-ray player
  204. 3D audio is coming to a theater(and home) near you
  205. Need Receiver Advice for Dynaudio Audience Setup
  206. Sub connection questions
  207. Problem with one channel w/ Multichannel composite audio cables
  208. Pay-TV Bills Rising Exponentially
  209. Vizio Tells Owners Their Sets Are Un-repairable
  210. Processor or receiver?
  211. Best value in a 42" to 48" TV?
  212. I found a curious little box at Wal-Mart today.
  213. Which TV brand you trust most
  214. SONY DAV-SC5, Subtitles dissapears
  215. Help with new center channel buy
  216. New firmware for OPPO BDP-93/BDP-95 Blu-ray player (release 3/6,/12)
  217. Sears will not price match Walmart or Target stores
  218. Blown woofer in Paradigm PDR-12
  219. Virtual Set Help
  220. Bitten by the Samsung LCD Capacitor Bug!!!`
  221. Blank CD-Rs designated 'Music or Audio Only' for stand alone CD recorders
  222. My Blu-Ray is useless
  223. Upgrade Q
  224. Cabling a HT system
  225. Help with HDMI cables and their versions
  226. Hiding cables
  227. Need help with wall color
  228. LG Bluray player going back
  229. Newbie looking for advice
  230. HT Tactile Transducers aka couch shakers?
  231. Coincidence Or Issue ???
  232. Strange PS3 / HDMI problem.
  233. how to get sounds through receiver from flat screen tv?
  234. Harmony Remotes
  235. Yamaha RX-V2600 Receiver - Audio Issues
  236. Finally got some pics of my new HT room.
  237. LG Bluray player for $50
  238. Connecting speaker bar to TV and DVD player
  239. LG HDTV, most reliable brand
  240. How to adjust speakers
  241. Center speaker stand - DIY
  242. HDMI splitter and audio return
  243. Plugging iPhone 4 into Insignia 200w 2.0 receiver
  244. Newbie setup questions for pioneer kuro and home theater
  245. Anyone buy HT seating?
  246. I like what Audyssey did for me
  247. Best LCD & Plasma of the year
  248. Super 8 - Great test for your HT
  249. Should I upgrade my receiver?
  250. Life at Six Months with Emotiva