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  1. guidance needed
  2. Own the Panasonic DMP-BD30K Blu Ray Player?
  3. Receiver Mania
  4. pulled the trigger on an AVR-3808CI
  5. The Five Free HD-DVD Offer
  6. So I went with the Onkyo TX-SR805S...blind
  7. My work in progress.. Please help/Advice
  8. cleaning lcd screens
  9. Help! Th50pz77u
  10. ok to run different sized speakers for the surrounds?
  11. surround speakers seem to sound dull when running dolby ex (7.1)
  12. Which Samsung 40" LCD??? Any opinions
  13. Denon 3808/Yamaha 1800/Marantz 7200/Pio 92TXH
  14. Best home theater system between $2000-$2500??
  15. Inherited system - needs a new receiver? power amp?
  16. Tv Picture Colors Died - Need Help!!
  17. Bluray Breakdown
  18. LCD TV's
  19. Pre/Pro & Multichannel Amp w/ Blu Ray in mind: What do you suggest for < $2K?
  20. Help me cobble together a decent budget system
  21. powering 2 cv cls-15's with sony receiver
  22. Blu - Ray ?
  23. Hi-End Formats Via HDMI
  24. denon 3808
  25. What is CAT5 wiring?
  26. Older flagship model A/V receivers
  27. New Sharp LCD digital audio out limitations
  28. mini bedroom home theatre setup - no idea what I need
  29. Thinking of Blu-ray? Something you need to know.
  30. Old & New pic's
  31. Please recommend a good HDMI cable for me...
  32. Separate Amp for a Pioneer Elite Receiver?
  33. The "Official" RX-V3800 Issues & Observations thread
  34. The Scaler on HDDVD Players
  35. hdmi v.s optical
  36. SA8300HD flickering picture with HDMI cables but not component cables??
  37. Snell speakers in HT
  38. Home Theater Help
  39. Does Classe have a reliability problem?
  40. What would you do with $1,000
  41. Are there any non-HDCP compliant Blu Rays
  42. Blu-Ray for a non-HDMI receiver
  43. Bose 901's and HT Receivers
  44. multi- 5.1 capable AVR or two receivers
  45. Infinity Beta HCS
  46. Show us your remotes!
  47. Good News For Sony RPTV Owners
  48. RX-V3800 first impressions
  49. Video vs audio. Which means more for HT?
  50. Destroyed by Fire
  51. Does The Denon 3910 play Blu-Ray?
  52. Some receiver pics
  53. Now that the dust is settling...
  54. Help equalizing sound levels on commercials
  55. LETS TALK ABOUT 1080p/24fps
  56. Help me pick my TV!
  57. Does the Integra DTR 9.1 Still hold its own?
  58. AVRs that support HDMI Audio Multichannel PCM (MPCM) and/or HBR Bitstream Decoders
  59. What's the Latest on Dishnetwork vs DirectTV?
  60. yet another hdmi problem... god i hate this connection
  61. Can someone offer me some advice on my Blu-ray set up? :(
  62. Is Harman Kardon Reliable?
  63. Connecting Sony XBR4 to Comcast DVR and Sony STR-DG710 Receiver
  64. high end Dolby AC-3 vs. avg. Dolby TrueHD processor
  65. Denon Avc-2800
  66. 5.1 Surround help... n00b
  67. Getting read to buy a new 60 Inch TV
  68. Samsung DLP 67" Ghosting and Line Splitting Picture
  69. For a 50" Plasma, What Would You Give Up?
  70. Either of these receivers a good deal on the used market?
  71. Need new A/V receiver, 700 or less
  73. What are the best deals right now on discontinued receivers?
  74. Sony 60" SXRD RP HDTV
  75. New Sony 52" XBR4
  76. Vizio 42" HD 1080p... what do you think of this TV?
  77. Need help or advice on home theatr set up...
  78. Looking for advice on three HT Receivers
  79. Pissed at Comcast!
  80. Need some setup advice
  81. Cheap computer setup
  82. Surround speaker matching.
  83. Samsung TVs, What I've learned, FWIW
  84. Outlet overload with AV equipment
  85. reciever question, quality vs price?
  86. Gotta start somewhere
  87. Stoopid Cabling Question
  88. Sony Blu-Ray player question
  89. New Receiver - RX-V3800 or TX-NR905?
  90. My selector changed for DVD on Receiver
  91. Sony KDL52XBR4 or KDL52XBR5 ???
  92. Marantz ZR6001 vs Rotel RSX 965
  93. Best center for the money...and surrounds.
  94. 52" LCD TV advice needed.
  95. New york wholesale
  96. Anyone else have a Dish receiver?
  97. PS-3 user issues.
  98. 720P vs 1080P NEED ADVICE
  99. Purchased the RX-V3800
  100. Question regarding center channel placement and angle
  101. Everything you've wanted to know about those $40 digital converter coupons...
  102. Set up with Vintage speakers
  103. Inwall wiring question
  104. Subwoofer crossover.
  105. sony PS3, is it any good as a standalone player?
  106. DPL II or Neo:6
  107. Bought an HD-DVD player!
  108. used avr 235
  109. I've decided to purchase a Blu-Ray
  110. Look who is behind HDMI and tell me why?
  111. A/V Processor with all the goodies
  112. Home Theater Speaker Guidance
  113. Connection question..
  114. match AVR and DVD, speakers to my Mission 783's
  115. Yahmaha YSP-800 and home theater question
  116. Bit of a Newbie question here but...
  117. LCD and magnetic shielding
  118. Can't Get Yamaha HTR-5940 to Save Speaker Settings
  119. Another sub choice discussion...
  120. Sony Grand Wega #KDF-E60A20 & Progressive Scan?
  121. Please help with room layout
  122. Can you help me choose between these 2 center channel speakers?
  123. updating speakers, need help, any suggestions?
  124. best buy rant on blue ray discs
  125. Sub placement question?
  126. Connecting HDTV to HD Cable Box and A/V Receiver
  127. Help Please> HDMI? Receiver?
  128. HELP !!!!! avr setup
  129. Hd Dvd Petition
  130. Acoustic panel covering problem
  131. How to pick a subwoofer
  132. The things you find in the strangest of places...
  133. Oled
  134. denon 1910 dvd died
  135. Question for owners of Sceptre x20wg 1080p
  136. New guy. Help!
  137. yamaha rx-v1800 or something else?
  138. Lcd Hdtv
  139. Receiver reccomendation (Help me please :)
  140. Newbie question
  141. Need Speaker Suggestions
  142. Help finding decent HT system
  143. Receiver with best video capabilities
  144. ADvice and Are the new Marantz receivers any good?
  145. I just posted photos...
  146. My BFD results
  147. Bogo Hddvd & Blu-ray
  148. Need to replace DVD player: any suggestions?
  149. X-Mass never ends!
  150. Disparity in HDDVD and BluRay Titles
  151. Bad news for sony RPTV fans
  152. Attn Outlaw 1050 owners
  153. Best Brands for stretching 4:3 programming?
  154. Remote control advice
  155. What occurs more frequently Plasma 'burn in' or LCD 'binding?'
  156. 50 inch under 2k Plasma or LCD
  157. how much is this receiver worth?
  158. decent surround reciever?
  159. Receiver auditioning hints, tips and tricks
  160. HDTV won't play HD content through HDMI cable
  161. Help with Pioneer and Samsung HD quality..
  162. Weak center channel sound
  163. What should I do for Christmas?
  164. Denon DVD 1920CI, 1930CI, 1940CI, 1940 - How do they differ?
  165. HDMI Connections
  166. Surround Speaker query
  167. Yamaha RX V1500
  168. 1080 or 720?
  169. home theater receiver pioneer 5.1 with logitech subwoofer
  170. Question re CD players and turntables
  171. New to this forum, and have questions.
  172. What not to buy?
  173. Good Low end system
  174. HDMI converter box to Component Video
  175. Mixing speaker wire
  176. Sony HDTV Help
  177. BB's announcement was really about nothing.
  178. 4ohm question
  179. what to do
  180. Calibrating a projection TV.
  181. Dirt-cheap flat panel wall mount ($9.99)
  182. hdtv wont use 1080p with ps3 or ps3 wont use 1080p
  183. Sony Bravia KDL52XBR5 Comments
  184. Help with connection question
  185. Will I blow up my amp? trying to go
  186. DVD International Calibration DVDs
  187. Settings/Adjustments for New Plasma TV
  188. Jvc
  189. Looking for stereo receiver under $400...
  190. Screen burn in! What to do with it?
  191. First time installation
  192. Bass Mangaement
  193. Sub Woofers
  194. Coax Cable Ques...Can I use reg RCA type??
  195. This receiver?
  196. I have no idea what I'm doing
  197. Magnepan MMG planar speakers
  198. Definitive Selections...
  199. Dish/cable audio issue
  200. Fluance
  201. If you have HD tuners you might want to use them.
  202. How to convert analog cable to digital for my HDTV
  203. Whats the better speaker system?
  204. Sony Blu-Ray Disc Player
  205. Receiver advice? Same question different set-up
  206. I need help with a home theater setup
  207. Good find.
  208. Any Links I Should Add to my A/V Website
  209. Which receiver for me?
  210. Critique my layout
  211. Adding Multiple Hdtvs To My Ht System---what Do I Need To Know?
  212. Upgrading my 2-channel Thule IA100
  213. BEST $400 or under home theater in a box to pair with Sony Bravia 55" SXRD television
  214. What is lost if AV Receiver doesn't have HDMI?
  215. Denon vs Yamaha vs Onkyo
  216. Blu Ray does not look acceptable! EDTYCT HELP!
  217. Samsung HP-T5054 720P television
  218. Help me find low end system for my computer/tv
  219. Any JVC people out there for some advice?!
  220. Had to give cable the boot
  221. Need WMV to AVI Converter
  222. Basic setup question
  223. Denon DVD a keeper?
  224. Philips 47PFL7422D or VIZIO GV47L ?
  225. pioneer elite 1.3
  226. Newbie/Oldie
  227. Time to get a new setup.
  228. Help me choose which A/V rec...to rpl my ES
  229. How is 1 Watt really loud? No way!
  230. Whats a good 5 disc upscaling DVD changer
  231. my new sharp lcd- questions about hd
  232. Help me Build a Decent Cheapo Bedroom Sound system
  233. Home Theater Voltage requirements
  234. Recommend: A/V Receivers w/ RF remotes
  235. Toshiba HD-A2 Owners
  236. Where can I get a couch rumbler? How are they made?
  237. Question....
  238. LCDs Faceoff: Olevia & Samsung Top the Chart.
  239. Logitech z-5500 what are yoor thoughts
  240. IR Distribution Setup Qs
  241. Onkyo TX-SR574
  242. Advise for replacing CA-1 please
  243. Another noob needs help with an HT setup
  244. Sanyo's brand new 1080p Projector
  245. Sharp LC42D64U- noise at top of screen
  246. So who is running a projector around here?
  247. looking for victrola style stereo rack
  248. Please Help With Denon
  249. Used Receiver saga -- continues!
  250. Thoughts on HK and the AVR-430