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    Technics SP-15 question

    I posted this in "Vintage" but maybe this is a better choice. (I hope there's no reg against duplicate posting :-)

    I just bought a Technics SP-15 turntable (very heavy duty) from an auction house and want them to remover the platter and pack separately (it's about 7 lbs). The seller says removing the table is more difficult than he thought it would be and wants to ship it attached. Does anyone know if there is a special trick to get the platter off this model. (Eg, The SP-10 has a shipping bracket that must be attached to secure the DD motor.)


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    On both of my SP15s, the platters just pull straight up and off. It does take a good bit of a tug however. One must be very careful when doing this however, as the shaft can be damaged (bent) if not careful. You just stick your fingers in the holes in the platter, and pull...STRAIGHT up.

    I would NEVER recommend shipping that table with the platter attached. It will either arrive with a bent shaft, or with the platter banging around in the box after it came off during shipping. Many wonderful Technics tables are ruined this way.

    The platter bearings should be oiled with a non-parafin based oil (NOT 3in1 household oil) when you get it. Heaven knows when it was last oiled.

    Dave O.

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