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    Originally Posted by von.ah
    So will the D81s work in the XUV cart? Will it work well? I'm just trying to find out all the reasonable options for stylus replacement. My 4500Q may be getting a bit long in the tooth, so to speak. :D

    Yes, the D81S, if you can find one, will work in the XUV series.
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    Jim Eck
    When it comes to information Ed (emaidel) is my hero! Over the years I have come to very much value his advice and opinions, thank you Sir.

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    Yes a D81S should physically fit and work in the XUV 4500Q body. I have each of those but have not tried that combination. With the 4500Q's lower inductance 290 mH and 600 Ohms DC resistance that's optomized for CD-4 100k Ohm 100pF loading compared to the 510 mH and 900 Ohm DC resistance of the 881S body, I think a D81S in a 4500Q body will have a peak in the high frequency response and sound bright with a conventional 200-300 pF and 47-50K load most phono preamps have. Unless you have adjustable cartridge loading. As I mentioned before I went the opposite way with a 4500Q stylus in a 881S body to smooth the overly bright high end.
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    First of all a HUGE thanks to all, especially the "old pro's" for the just the info I have been looking for for quite awhile. Yes, i am also needing a replacement stylus for my 30 year old 881.

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    Originally Posted by Jim Eck
    When it comes to information Ed (emaidel) is my hero! Over the years I have come to very much value his advice and opinions, thank you Sir.


    Thanks very much!
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    I am a new member and bacame one just because of the emaidel analysis. I am also an owner of the 881s (early "80s, graduating from High School) and it is only recently I rediscoverd my old LPs and did some lifting to my old Luxman turntable (too sentimental and emotionally attached to it to discard it). So I was looking for some replacemnt to the 881s but after reading to emaidel's postings I changed up my mind. I will stick to 881s and may replace the stylus some day.

    Greetings from Athens Greece !


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    dean man jim
    First post for me here, a poster in another forum mentioned this thread...

    During the last days of the old days so to speak there was a line of Pickering p-mount cartridges with exceptional specs and outfitted with stereohedron styli. Some current users love them with a p-mount adaptor in a pivoted arm, saying that in their systems the p-mount outdoes the 881s along with some other famous 'super carts' of the era.

    The cartridges from this line that I'm aware of are the TL-2S, TL-3S, TL-4S. I enjoy the TL-2S and will likely get a spare stylus for it while they are still available albeit at a nose-holding price. I've used it in four arms, a Micro Seiki MA-505XS, a Magnepan Unitrac, a Jelco, and a modified Thorens TP13A. It is very fine with all of them.

    Any comments? Does anyone have knowledge of this cartridge body, specifically--other than its mounting method is it a duplicate of another Pickering or Stanton body of the day?

  • 06-28-2012, 01:34 PM
    anybody ever heard of a Pickering 1100S?
    hi all,

    i bought a Pickering 1100S from an online acquaintance who previously sold me my ADC XLM MKIII . it's been used, but comes complete with the box and all the toys (magnifying glass, specs, screwdriver, etc.)

    the stylus is a D-II-S stereohedron.

    anybody every heard of it? seems like a bit of an odd-ball cartridge.

    i don't have it yet, but will report back once it's mounted on my spare headshell.

    i've been getting into vintage MI and MM cartridges lately. i still have a Spectral MCR Signature LOMC. but it's such a ***** to drive. and the arm on my modded Technics SL-1600MK2 is just not a great match for it.

    for reference, i will be using the phono stage in my Classe DR-4.

    i'd love to try a shure V15VMR, but they are so expensive these days. hoping the 1100S can maybe compete with it.

    see ya,
  • 06-30-2012, 09:23 AM
    although the v15Vs are highly regarded by some, i would only recommend one if the jico SAS stylus is also purchased to use with it. i have had and been privy to listening to numerous shures at length and have never felt musically invigorated by their sound.

    however, many users have experienced wonderful and engaging sound using the SAS stylus with the shure carts. this includes the m97xe and v15III and v15V series.

    the 881s is one of my favorite sounds, and i still have a NOS stylus to go onto the body that i have. i am looking forward to the day that i actually mount and listen to it. i took an inordinate amount of time to get to remounting and listening to my grace f9e and f9L and for now, i am loving it. the same will happen with my 881s.
  • 08-28-2014, 10:33 PM
    Stylus age issues?
    New here, and have a question for the former Stanton guys. Thanks for being a fantastic resource!

    I have a Stanton 881S (with original stylus) that I bought new in 1981. It has maybe several hundred hours on it, and it's sat mostly idle during the last 23 years. I've taken very good care of it, but it's been mounted on a turntable (under a dust cover) for this time. The ambient environment has been low humidity (30% average), room temperature, non-corrosive clean air (suburban).

    What I'm wondering is whether the rubber (or other age-sensitive) components in the stylus will still perform sufficiently well for high fidelity reproduction. I haven't seen this issue addressed in prior posts. My application is transfer of my remaining LPs to CD or electronic format (about 100-150 albums).

    The sound quality seems good, but I don't know whether just listening will give a sufficient indication of fidelity, and wanted to get this information from the authoritative source.