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    problem with Thorens td-240 turntable

    hi everybody.

    i have a Thorens td-240 turntable with TP21 tonearm and AT95E cartridge. Both are adjusted as indicated in the manual, tracking and the anti-skating at 1.5.
    I was about 6 months without using it and now I've moved I've tried with my Denon pma-500 amplifier. When im playing an vinyl certain frequencies sound saturated, with a sound of "fried egg"

    I changed the cartridge, I tried with another amp and speakers, and the problem continues. I do not know it is due. failure to adjust the arm? problem of turntable?

    please can you help me?

    thanks a lot

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    it could be the interconnects from the turntable to the amplifier. try new wires. regards. ron.

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    What is your level of experience with adjusting the tracking force? It's easy to misunderstand. I'd suggest acquiring a tracking force gauge.

    In the meantime, could you confirm that when you set the tracking force you followed the procedure of rotating the weight to a point where the arm balances to exactly horizontal and then rotating the numbered dial to zero before turning the counterweight and dial to 1.5?

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