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    Need help deciding on which turntable to buy (2 choices)

    Help! I am trying to decide between 2 turntables (both used). The first is a rega p25 with a RB-300 arm upgraded with incognito wiring, that comes with a record brush, the second is a technics SL1210 M5G "Grandmaster" with Origin Live silver tonearm and Origin Live armboard, and also incudes the original technics M5G tone arm with 2 M5G headshells. Neither table has a cartridge included. They are both around the same price. ($600-$700) Please help! I need as much advice as possible as soon as possible, as I must make my decision in 1-2 days. Thanks!

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    Totally subjective opinion but if I had the same choice, I would select the Rega.

    My $0.02

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    Mine's only the second posting to your thread, but I'll guess it'll be one of a long line of others enthusiastically recommending against the Technics. And that's my two cents!

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    I'll tell you what I think - I think the other two posters are full of it!!! There's no comparison here - a P-25 with an RB-300 or a SL1210 with a OL Silver?? Please - the Technics a a FAR superior turntable and the OL Silver is a FAR superior arm. If the 1210 had the stock arm on it, I could kind of see emaidel falling in with the usual unwaranted Technics bashing - but with the OL Silver installed I just don't get it. Hell, you can't pick up a used OL Silver for much less than $600 on its own!!!
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