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    Marantz TT 285 Linear Tracker

    I've come across a Marantz TT 285 turntable for which I know very little.

    It is a linear tracking belt driven turntable from somewhere around the mid 80s.

    I did an initial search and have found surprisingly little information regarding this deck.

    I'm cleaning it up and will see if it is operable and if it has any sound qualities worth mentioning.

    Does anyone have any useful information regarding this little unit?

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    JVC and other companies came out with linear tracking turntables about that time. Many had a fixed cartridge so the cart can not be replaced but the stylus could. They were usually conical stylus in the cartridge. They were not much bigger than the record and more for novelty than performance.
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    JohnMichael's comments are worth remembering. Most of the linear trackers of the 80's were cheesy units, with fixed, and equally cheesy cartridges that couldn't be replaced with other, better units. Not surprisingly, these turntables never managed to deliver on the promised "superiority" of the linear tracking concept.

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