• 01-20-2009, 04:37 PM
    Grado 78 vs Grado Black - Different cartridge body or not?
    Question for anyone who is knowledgeable with Grado cartridges.

    I'm setting up a Dual turntable to play a stash of 78rpm records I acquired in an estate sale.

    I've got a Bogen integrated amplifier I will also restore to create a mono playback system.

    My question arose when trying to acquire a stylus optimized for 78 playback.
    Is there a difference between the 78 mono cartridge and the Grado Black Stereo cartridge? I have three Grado blacks on my shelf and I was wondering if it was as simple as acquiring a 78 stylus and retrofitting to one of my existing cartridges? Or do I have to purchase an entire 78 cartridge? They look identical and the specs read identically.

    I suspect they are one in the same with the exception of the shape of the stylus.