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    Anybody use Pyle turntables?

    Or know anything about them? I remember Pyle back from my car audio days, they were hardly high end but not pure junk either. I ran across this turntable (I won't buy it from ebay, but this is by far the best picture I've found of it):

    I'm by no means a turntable expert, and I just recently got back into vinyl. I picked up a used Pioneer for $35 that sounds pretty darn good when compared to CD. It's not the best table and the sylus cannot be upgraded so I'm looking at new tables now.

    After a few months of looking and reading, my 'dream' table is the Music Hall 2.1. Hardly the most expensive table out there I know, but $300 is the absolute max I will spend on a turntable, as it will be used very little and I have only a few records left. But now I'm starting to doubt that I would ever get $300 worth out of ANY turntable.

    So this Pyle is less than $100. It looks like it's got a halfway decent arm, and correct me if I'm wrong but it should be very easy to upgrade that stylus which is probably the cheapest they could find to stick on it. Is that a common mount it uses? And it says 'fully manual'..does that mean the arm does not sit down on the record then return at the end on it's own?

    Just for giggles, what would I need to look for in a new stylus for this table?

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    i am thinking that that table would be a PYLE in literal terms. ok if $25 or so but use your $300 in a better way, like this:

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