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    2 cones and one foot

    I have two sets of support for the Rega Planar 2. I have three of the original Rega feet and from a kind audiophile and music lover I have 3 RDC cones. They both have their advantages. My equipment rack's top shelf has a hard surface and sometimes the cones can make the music sound a little sharp. Of course the cones drain vibrations away from the table very nicely. The Rega feet mellow out the sound but you lose the bass extension and the seperation of instruments.

    Saturday evening while enjoying some wine the idea hit me to combine two types of feet. I have a cone close to the rear foot by the motor and one by the right corner. The left foot is the original Rega and it helps adds some mellowness without diminishing the benefits of the cones. The combination is better than one set by itself.

    I played vinyl all day Sunday and enjoyed every hour.
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    Interesting experiment John. I have thought about changing out my Micro Seiki's feet but never would of thought to use a combination of different feet/cones.
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    I like your ingenuity John, I've played around with the feet on my Systemdek (4 feet) and my previous Rega (3 feet) for years. I like yourself found the metal cones a little too bright and then I tried blue tack under the feet etc etc. but the best combination I have come up with is, using the original feet and a Wooden base plate on my record player stand which is the type that is screwed to the wall. This is placed on the metal spikes of the stand but is kept away from the stand itself by about 2mm all round to reduce vibration further.

    Now where did I put those metal cones, maybe.....................
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