Hello forum, I am thinking about purchasing a new Yamaha RX-V2600 receiver and would like to integrate my existing NAD C372 and C272 into the home theator. My questions are: will I be able to connect the main channel (main speakers channel) pre outs on the 2600 to the "main in" on the NAD C372 and if so what volume will i have to set the C372 on, I'm thinking maxium but not sure. The C372 has the same amplifier section as the NAD C272 which has no volume (power amp only) so i'm assuming that in order to achieve the same power from the C372 i will have to set the volume to max, but as i said this is just a common sense assumption and would feel more comfortable if some of you have had previous experience with a setup like this and can offer some advice. Just in case you are asking yourselves..... why not just use the C272, and the answer is that i was planning on using the C272 for the surrounds amp and connecting it to the surrounds pre out of the 2600. My next question is concerning the LFE sub out on the 2600, will there be an output from this channel during 2 channel listening from my cd player, I cannot find any info on this in the manual for the 2600 on the yamaha website. I once again would make an assumption that there is a way to use you sub during normal 2 channel sterio listening through the 2600 but cant seem to find any info on it. I hope some of you can help me here since if i cannot utilize my existing components into this home theator setup through the 2600 then i will have to come up with another solution. My goal here is to have a single system for both music and movies and since i already have the NAD's i may as well use them. Thanks.