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    Lightbulb Yamaha MX-1000 Amp

    Hello all,
    A friend gave me a MX1000 power amp..nice right? well he told me a baby sitter many years back went to use his stereo and did not want to wake up the kids so she turned it down ( so she thought) beacause on older pre-amp -0 means low right....WRONG. Anyway I checked all fuses with an ohm meter all good, comapred each transformer thru a meter both the same. When I turn it on all seems normal except the protection light is on.....the problem. Do any of you guys or gals have knowledge of what I could possible do to reset this bad boy? Thanks for any help.

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    Hi Selind,
    You might want to search/post this over on There are quite a few guys over there who work on Yamaha. Good luck.

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    Thanks for the tip, I will give it a shot.

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