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    Yamaha ampifier, Does this have built in PRE AMP?

    For sale locally is a Yamaha AV-70, Is this thing worth anything? If I could score it for 20 bucks would that be good?

    Has anybody ever heard one of these? Oh ya, does this have a built in preamplifier? I use a bunch of older stuff and the preamp seperates always have better sound imo.

    Here is a link to the manual.

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    Looks like an intagrated amp to me. Pre-amp and amp in one unit.
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    While I am generally a Yamaha fan, they did make some cheaper stuff in the 80s and 90s that sold in places like Sears and this is one of them. Anything with a built-in Equalizer like this thing has is suspicious IMHO. This is a very early Dolby Surround processor. It describes itself as 4 channel, but it is really two channels with a matrixed third channel sent to two speakers. The surround channels are not full range (only 120hz to 8000hz if I remember right).

    The dead give away that this is garbage though is the dimensions of the thing, it is only 12" deep. That is an easy signifier of quality Yamaha components vs. cheap Yamaha components. Quality components historically have been heavy (more than 20lbs) and at least 14" deep.

    For twenty bucks this would be a good garage amp.
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