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    Talking Who Do You Think Sounds Better Musical Fidelity or Arcam?


    Who do you think has the best sound quality Musical Fidelity or Arcam?

    Have you demoed or do you even own one of these amplifier makes?

    Come on guys, give me your opinions.


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    There's this thing you can do, it's called "bump" -- if you post in your own thread, it "floats" back to the "top" (of the page). You should do that instead of starting the same threads over and over again.
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    This is how I look for new posts. Between "Calendar" and "Search", I click on "New Posts".

    If you dont stick with the same thread, sooner or later nobody will take you seriously. Then again, SVI gets about 50 posts per hour.

    Are you looking to purchase one without a listen? I do that quite a bit, but I recommend people to audition gears first. So.....

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    SVI truly has turned himself into a celebrity on this forum... even though its not really for any good reason. So if you don't mind getting picked on a bit keep it up.

    as for your post... there are responses to that question depending on which models you are looking at. Are you looking at an integrated.. or a pre-amp amp setup. If your going with a Pre-amp amp setup... I would probably say musical Fidelity. But an integrated.. well then its a bit of a toss up... but it the end it really does come down to your own personal taste, and what speakers are going to be powered by them.
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