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    Question what amp for kef 104/2

    My first system is composed by a pair of Celestion Ditton 66 and drive with a "77 technics SU-9600 and SE-9600.... I have to say, itīs old but it sounds pretty nice.....

    I just began to build a new hifi system beginning with the buy of a pair of Kef 104/2 ( I paid 300 Euros in perfect condition). Iīve read a lot of good reviews on them but also came to my attention the importance of the ampchoice. Right now, I use an old NAD 3240 PE..... Itīs sounds a little bit light!

    So my question is what to buy to run the Kefīs ( budget of 600 Euros for a used one) and stay in a very warm english sound quality? two brands came to my hears ( NAD and Quad) but there is probably many others I donīt know!

    Hope to read some help



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    I'm not sure what 600 euros would buy in your area but take a look or listen to Arcam or Naim. Either would be a very good quality amp with ability to drive a more difficult speaker load.

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