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    Vintage Akai AA-5200 vs Rotel RA 810A

    Hey there

    Just fishing for thoughts on which of these two amps would be best suited nice to a pair of Akai SW 155's (8 ohm, 50W program power).

    I'm working on the basis that the ideal amp power rating for these speakers should be 12.5 - 25W (see url]. I've found two prospective amps, a Vintage Akai AA-5200 and a Rotel RA 810A from the 80's. Obviously the Akai is far superior in terms of visual aesthetics and period matching, but ultimately I'm trying to work out which is most likely to sound best with bass heavy music.

    Rotel receive a lot of praise and seems to be the superior option but I've never heard one of their amps for myself.

    Any thoughts much appreciated


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