Up in smoke

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  • 07-30-2005, 08:56 PM
    Mr Peabody
    Up in smoke
    I turned on my system this morning to watch a movie and I heard a noise then smelled smoke, it was my Arcam P25 FMJ 3 channel amp. It is about 4 months out of warranty. I am shocked amongst other emotions but I didn't think this would happen to an Arcam. I took it in this morning the guys are going to send it off for an estimate on repair.

    In the meantime I talked them into letting me try out a demo Linn 5125 power amp. This was basically the only multi channel amp they had to lend. This is an interesting amp, it's a 5 channel amp and only weighs 11 pounds. Rated at 230wpc into 4 ohms however when I put it into my system I had to turn the levels up from where my mere 100wpc Arcam was so I have my doubts on these power ratings. Or, maybe it's the difference between Class V and your standard high current big ass power supply amp. The Linn is Class V whatever that is. I'm going to do some research and post another thread on it. I haven't got much listening time on it but it is very clean. It doesn't sound bad in my system but it doesn't really seem to blend with my Krell as well as the Arcam. I'd like to hear some music through it. I did listen to a music video and my first impression is that it is very detailed with an amazingly quiet background. However the sound is different, I haven't quite put my finger on it. I'd hope this amp would amaze with a MSRP of $,2,795.00. Remember I said it only weighs 11 lbs. But we don't buy amplification by the pound do we?