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    Tung-Sol KT 120, first impressions.

    First a little background. I own a pair of Quicksilver Audio Silver 88 mono blocks. I have owned t he amps for about year and a half. Used Four different KT 88's. Here is the order in preferance:
    1. Shuguang Treasures Series
    2. Golden Lion reissue
    3. Electro-Harmonix
    4. JJ Electric
    I have been using the KT 120's four about three weeks now. I would say about thirty hours on them. I really like these tubes. Sound is smoother, more linear frequency response. Bass is tauter with a little more emphasis. Highs are crisp and vibrant without sounding bright or harsh. Soundstage has a little more width, better depth, and more foward, i.e. room filling. Overall a very good tube.

    One thing to keep in mind, these are large tubes. About a half inch taller than a KT 88, and about a quarter inch larger in diameter.
    Best regards, bturk667
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    The standard Shuguang 2a3c in my amps sound better IMO than the high dollar RCA's. I'd love to have a pair of Shuguang 2a3c Treasures but they cost around $400 a pair.

    I'd like to try some JJ 2a3's but I just had a brand new JJ EL-84 blow so I don't want to risk that much money going up in smoke.

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