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    Unhappy Trends 10.1 class T amplifier nice but.....

    The smalish Trends 10.1 amplifier is a very special amplifier.

    Show it in a room with your speakers and a good source, invite your guest to relax and let the music play.

    They will be confronted rapidly to a problem. It's not that little thing that gives that sounds.

    But when I received mine, I was happy to unpack it, to install it and.....Hissssssssssss!

    Oh!Oh! What is happening! A big hiss clearly audible at 8 feet, easily heared on soft music passages. This is too bad, because this little thing as such a bih heart.....

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    Interesting. The one I use for my near-field computer based audio editing setup has no hiss at all. While the speakers are only medium efficiency (about 87 dB), it is truly a near-field situation with the speakers only 18 or 20 inches from my ears. If there was hiss, I'd be hearing it (which I do if I'm working from an original noisy cassette or open reel source.)

    A couple of things to check.

    1. Try unplugging the source cables at the amp and see if the hiss is still present. If this works, your problem is not the amp, but closer to the source.

    2. Trying moving the amp to a different location, away from other equipment and sources of electrical interference (don't forget things like dimmer switches and fluorescent lights.)

    3. Try the amp on a different AC power circuit.

    If the amp is still noisy at this point, it sounds like you may have a bad amp. Hopefully, though, you'll be able to track down the real source of the hiss elsewhere and solve the problem that way.

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    i've never had any problems with mine, always superb sound and performance.
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