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    Thx Certified Amps

    I use to own the Onkyo tx-ds656 which had incredible base i had to throw out my sub, but currently own tx-ds676 which is dts. I regret givning up my 656 reason being I did not know the difference between dts and 5.1.

    I am currently looking at the tx-ds696 which has more power.

    My question is neither of these are THX certified, I want to know if the THX logo is just some hype or do you get a more realistic theatre experience with THX systems.

    thank you..

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    A bit of both, maybe. THX certification merely means the receiver meets certain criteria as determined by THX, AND, that the manufacturer has PAID MONEY to have the THX logo on thier product. Some cheap receivers wouldn't meet the requirements to obtain THX certification, and in this sense, a THX certified amp/receiver can be better.

    This definitely does not mean that a receiver or amplifier without THX certification is WORSE than one with THX certification. In fact, there's a very good chance it could be better than a THX certified receiver, but the manufacturer didn't feel like spending money on a logo.

    Onkyo makes good products. Don't let the THX logo be the reason why you buy, or don't buy, a receiver.

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    I appreciate the input...thank you very much.

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    I 2nd kexodusc's sentiments. I would bet that most of Onkyo's receivers would meet THX certification anyway. In the case of many other mass market brands the THX piece is probably the best thing they have put on the market. Most higher end companies don't pay for the certification because their gear surpasses it anyway.

    Something you said needs clarification or I misunderstood. 5.1 is a surround format, DTS is just one type of 5.1. You may also see AC3 or Dolby Digital 5.1. DTS uses less compression and is widely agreed to be the best sound. Yet, for some reason there are fewer movies in DTS.

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    I have to agree with Mr. Peabody. I worked in the Engineering deapartment for Madrigal Audio Labs for many years and I can tell you from experience that not only do many amps/processors outperform THX specifications but many of these same manufacturers are unwilling to change their designs to meet these specifications and therefore will not carry the THX logo. You tend to find this more prevelent in higher end equipment.

    Hope this helps rather than adding confusion.

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    Im with you fellers!

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