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    tell me about my amps!!!

    Hola! I am new to the scene, and have recently come across a few pieces that I am not familiar with:

    Audible Illusions mini mite 1 preamplifier

    audire forte dual monoblock amplifier

    antique classics usa 102 tube amplifier

    any information that you have about these items would be very helpful!


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    It is hard to beat an Audire amp, especially the Forte. I have two Audire model 2s and two Fortes. At low to relatively loud volumns the Model2 s really sing. The Fortes are totally smooth up to clipping,which both amps indicate with LEDs. One thing I have found is that many people think my amps really come alive when the clipping indicators come on. It doesn't take long at all to recognize that you are only adding distortion at this point, distortion that too many people are used to hearing. The Forte does double it's 125 watts into four ohms and has massive reserve power. CAUTION: Both models will play for awhile after turning them off, so don't change cables without bleeding down the reserve power or else! (Turn off the amp and leave it playing until it stops making a sound to prevent shorts and hum with the cables.)

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