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    Question Technical question for audio expert

    I have a Denon 3802 receiver connected to a Carver 806x amp (360 watts @ 8 ohms per channel) to drive my mains RBH 1266 SE (250 watts 4 ohm 88db). When playing music at high volume (-20) the speakers will cut in and out. Is this because the 4 ohm impedence of the speakers is driving the amp too hard or something else? These speakers seem to like power to really produce some volume. Any suggestions on making this system work better, or do I need an amp rated for 4 ohms?



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    ...and while I don't claim to be an "expert", simply an ardent hobbyist..Is there any sort of "protection" indicator? Maybe a relay clicking?

    Don't forget, Ohm ratings are "nominal"(in name only) because in use, they don't remain constant...perhaps the amp doesn't like the load they(the speakers) present in certain situations and is telling you so...that's my best guess...

    Try as I might I can't seem to find any specs for your unit, don't have a clue as to whether they have the ability to drive a "nominal" 4Ohm high power amp rated for that job would seem to be in order.

    There could be some sort of malfuction that only exhibits it self under the proper circumstances...

    jimHJJ(...and, of course, you could always turn it down...)

    Addendum: I did find something that says any two channels can be bridged to provide 600 watts into 4Ohms...
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    Specs on the Carver AV-806x - six channels 133 watts @ 8 ohms each / two channels can be bridged to produce 360 watts @ 8 ohms, which is how I am using it. The manual has no info regarding 4 ohms. The amp does have protective relays that activate under extreme load, which I am guessing is happening. Can't actually hear a relay click due to the loud music, the speakers just cut in and out. Thought there might be a way to change the speaker's impedence without changing the sound??

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    sounds like your amp is clipping out, i would try one of two things:

    a) try your speakers with a more powerful amp, see how they perform
    b) try your amp with a different set of speakers, see how it performs

    either way, this test will push you in the right direction. I would try the amp first though, seems like your speakers could use more power. however, maybe your denon is clipping the pre-out signal for some odd reason -- I would look into that as well, slim.. but you never know.

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