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    Technical Question about Parasound Scamp

    I finally got my hands on one of these. I want to use the Scamp to power on a cd player (and possibly the amp), when it senses an audio signal from my preamp.

    It works, but only if I turn up the volume on my preamp to 40% or more. It is connected between the second preamp outputs of an Arcam Delta 110r preamp and a second amp for remote speakers (not the main amp). I have been tweaking with the adjustements on the inside of the Scamp according to the manual, but I can't get the Scamp to function properly at low volumes. This is of course a problem if I am listening to CD's at low volumes, because the player will just shut off.

    P.S. The CD Player is connected to the preamp via an optical cable, but since it is not part of the Scamp network, I didn't think it would be a problem. Only the power cord of the CD is plugged into the Scamp.

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    Am I the only SCAMP user out there?

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