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    Speaking of Marantz.....

    Has anyone heard the PM-7200? This is a Marantz integrated amp that is rated at 95 wpc into 8 ohms & 155 into 4 ohms. BUT get this, it becomes a pure Class A amp with the push of a button. It's rated at 25 wpc Class A mode. It's priced around $550. It was said to have gone head to head with integrateds by the likes of Rotel and Arcam, and came out on top by a wide margin. is an on line dealer. Check their ad, I can't remember the magazine that done this test. A Class A at that price is pretty sweet. I wondered if anyone heard it, to see if it lives up to the hype.

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    I believe it is a recent addition to...

    ...their North American product line...I had a feeling it might be a "grey market" item, doesn't appear to be...I had been searching high and low for an integrated and regularly checked some sites(of which Marantz was one) for new products...looks quite promising to me, however info @the NA site is limited, I found more info @ the Europe site...perhaps the mfrs. are beginning to realize there are those of us who don't want black plastic appliances...

    jimHJJ(...still checking, IBB if I discover anything else...)

    ADDENDUM: It may be available only in black in NA markets, can't tell---no pics, but it is made of metal(Europe shows brushed aluminum)...Music Direct IS an authorized on-line has a phono input for MM carts, a processor loop, real tone controls and a true tape mon w/copy...

    jimHJJ(...very promising...)
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    It is made of metal and has proved a big success in Europe. The performance is still on the warm side of neutral but it is a lovely thing nonetheless. The KI model is a stunning bit of kit- one of the guys I work with has taken delivery of one with an SA8400 (SA8260 to you) and he's as happy as a pig in the proverbial.
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