• 06-16-2004, 06:47 AM
    speaker,amp, monitor sound system adice/help?????????

    How ya all doing? I would greatly apprecaite it if some one can help me out with some information/advice. What I'am looking for is more sound, a louder and clarity sound through my stereo system. I need something to make it louder with good clarity. Do I buy a sound system monitor or a power amp or something else? Is there some kind of speaker that I can get? I'm not sure which may to go and some one knows what I mean (I might not of explained it thourghly enough)and they can help me out. Thanks!
    I have a Denon Reciever (1604 or 1804 I have to check when I get home) with Bose book shelve speakers (201v series, they suck). Volume and Clarity are my #1 things so what are the things I need to check out 1st? Do I have to make sure my reciever and speakers can handle a certain power? Do I go with Just getting more of a better expansive speakers or can I go go and get a (rather do) amp or monitor for more of a louder sound system?
  • 06-16-2004, 08:22 AM
    Not to slight Bose, but the first place I'd be looking is at new speakers. Either receiver you mentioned is quite good for it's price range and can drive quite a few other speakers that would put you light years closer to realizing your goals than what you have now.

    Before a more meaningful answer can be supplied, a few things should be known.

    What's your budget? For how many speakers, 2 or 5? Where are you located and can you order thru the mail?
  • 06-16-2004, 11:26 AM
    speaker,amp, monitor sound system adice/help?????????
    Thanks for the help.
    My budget is $100. - $500. and I would just want 2 speakers. Is that the only option or best thing to do is to get better speakers. Some one mentioned to me I could get some kind of amp to make it louder? or some kind of sound system speaker monitor to make it louder?
    I live in Kennett Square, PA and also I can order throught the mail.

    Any where/way/trade in I can sell my Bose?