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Thread: sony ta-f500es

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    sony ta-f500es

    hi, I have this amp, and wanted to know if you can use it as a final on the back are connections for an equalizer (adapter), perhaps you can use those?


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    I tried to look up that model but didn't find much. If it's a power amp you can go from your preamp into the EQ and back out of the EQ into the power amp. Many integrated amps that era had what was called a "processor loop" on the back and an EQ would work perfectly there. These are not usable for preamp outputs though as the level is not variable. If I found the right info you have a power amp that is a hardy 90 wats into 8 ohms and looks to be a very nice amp. If it's new to you I'd suggest listening without an EQ first. Often times EQ's introduce more noise and issues than they help.
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    In practice, I want connect a sony pre ta-e1000esd, I think you know well.

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