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    Talking Sony STR-D611 as a Pre or Post Amp?

    I have a Sony STR-D611 (or D511) in the Living Room and need to tie it to another new system in the Kitchen (which will pump Internet Radio and the TV in that room thru the ceiling speakers, as well as be able to power what ever is playing on the Sony's rack).
    Question: can I send the signal from the Sony over to the new amp? I don't see any output other than to speakers (all in use), and the ones that go to my VCR.

    Another idea: buy an new amp/receiver for all this gear, and put the Sony in the Kitchen, and do the same set up?

    Of course, I'm trying to do this the least expensive way possible.

    Thanks in advance for any advise!

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    You'd almost have to have 2 receivers. How did you plan to run the signal from the internet or TV into the living room? If the Sony don't have preamp out your options for getting the signal back into the kitchen are limited. Unless it's a good amp section and has speaker connections for 2 pair of speakers, then you can run "A" to the living room speakers and "B" to the kitchen. There's wall panels that are specifically designed for running music throughout a house but I'm really not familiar with that gear. Also, that could be a difficult install since the house is already built.

    What kind of TV do you have in the kitchen? If it's a nice flat panel with an array of ins & outs, you could run the computer audio into the TV and just use the TV as the controller or preamp. Some of these higher end TV's actually have pretty good sound. The TV's output could go to a small amp to run the ceiling speakers. You can find a used low power, Adcom for cheap. If you are willing to buy used there should be a big selection of power amps to choose from and you shouldn't need that much power.

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