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    sony receiver, one of the optical plugins is not registering

    My sony receiver is about a month old and has been working fine, today went to play some ps2 and sound was not coming out of receiver, worked on tv just not receiver. Anyway, I unplugged it and plugged it into another optical in and it worked. plugged dvd into playstation port and it did not work either. anyone have any suggestions?
    Also my receiver has a display when optical cable is plugged in and it is not lit up.

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    thats a set up issue, usually in a receivers set up there is something called d input or something along thoughs lines. you have to set it up for what mode you have the receiver on for optical.

    say you run your ps2 into optical 2, you have to set optical 2 as tv or dvd or whatever you want, you probably have your dvd player run into optical one, then you hit dvd and becuase your receiver is set up for digital on dvd it plays it.

    but when you plug your other optical into the other plug its probably not set up for digital input. its probably the tv digital in right? and your setting have tv as analog in. you switch that to digital and it should be fine.

    read the manual for this it will be way clearer then i can make it.

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