I just bought this receiver, hooked up everything correctly (I have 2 front speakers, center and 2 surround)There is no subwoofer or surround back. I connected a CD and DVD player. Whenever I play a CD or DVD, I have to crank up the volume pretty high (25 or higher) on 2CH setting just to get a suitable audio level...not sure why this is. Also, when I get off the 2CH setting and select a Music setting such as "Concert" for a CD or when I play a DVD and use the Movie setting an select say "Dolby Digital" - the volume in the speakers drop off, almost nonexistent. So basically these settings do not work. Only 2CH does and I have to crank it pretty high. I auto calibrated the receiver and made sure the Bose speakers do indeed work. Nothing is getting the Music and Movie settings to work correctly. I spoke with Sony Tech Support and they basically said something is wrong with the receiver which I disagreed. I decided to return the receiver and buy another one, same model. Same audio issues. For some reason whenever I listen to CDs or play DVDs on any other setting than 2CH, the audio is very loe, almost not there. I am so frustrated by this. I looked at all the menus, play around with the settings, but no change. It is bizarre. I know I am missing something. The mute button is not on and analog is off. Hope someone can help...Steve