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    Some fun in bavaria

    This weekend was quite fun, since we tested some amps to find out which one will make it to my showroom with the VMPS speakers.

    Here is the fun list.

    Vacuumstate 300B with Realtime Pre-amp. Retail: 25K
    Son of Ampzilla 2000. Retail: 4.6K
    Pathos Acoustics Classic One Retal:2K
    Krell KSA-150 Retail used in europe : 3K

    Jolida, Tact etc... were tried too.

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    Lots of music but not enough time for it all

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    I Love it! That's like Audio Disneyland!!!!

    Problem is the pics are next to each other and makes this page too wide and replying was weird.

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    You should go with the Star Trek theme. The amp with the blue faceplate and Star Trek crest goes nicely with the Rega Planet's disc compartment shaped like the Enterprise. Looks like a fun time!

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