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    Sansui AU-717 Problem

    Today was my bad day. I was listening to my Sansui AU-717 and my left channel died on me. It just stopped working. I spent 2 hours looking inside and trying to find the problem and still not working. Ok here is what I did.

    The first thing I did is I checked the fuses for the both channels(there were 4 of them since it is with double power supply) and all were good.

    Second thing I checked was for any burned resistors, capacitors and etc. Everything looked good and nothing burned.

    I checked all connectors and wires and all were good.

    The amplifier is very clean inside so I doubt there is dirt somewhere. I checked all the switches and buttons for bad connection but nothing.

    When I turn it on the red light blinks couple of times and than it is on which means the amp doesn't ready anything wrong inside it.

    When I have the amp on now the right channel is perfectly working like it was. The transistors get warm like always and everything is normal however on the left side the transistors are not getting warm. The preamp part inside gets warm on both channels so by this I can tell it is not the power supply.

    I think it is the left channel transistors that gave up. They look ok but I don't know. Any comments or suggestions here? Something that I haven't done or checked?

    I can easy change the transistors if it is them!
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