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    Question Rotel RSX 1055 question

    Hi all,

    Newbie to the forum here. I own a Rotel RSX1055 and only listen to music. I have two Tannoy S8s hooked up to it. I was planning on running outdoor speakers to my deck and hoping to use this amp to send tunes to those speakers but I was told by Rotel that I need another zone amplifier.

    The 1055 has 5x75W channels. Is there any way I can use 2 channels for this purpose?


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    If Rotel told you that you cannot, then you cannot. Of course, most of tech support are useless now so it's always nice to check here with knowledgable members.
    Welcome to Hope to see you around even after your problem has been solved.

    With your RSX, you should have a ZONE 2 option. You would have to get another separate amp to run speakers in another room for that. Also, you dont not have to get an amp made by Rotel. you should be able to use just about any amps on the market as long as it takes RCA input. So, answer to your question, No. You cannot use channels you are not using to run separate music for your BBQ needs.

    Best Wishes,


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    Maybe I am commenting on the obvious. One option you have is to run your speaker wires through a quality switching unitl like a Niles or a Rotel RSS-900 which ea. cost around $200. Obviously, this creates some resistance (volume controls are rheostats), but I do it for less critical listening channels s/a deck and garage. This works better when you can run it off of say a "B"channel, (which you don't have) so you can leave your " channel direct or clean.

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