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    Rotel RSP-960ax Owners - Help

    I have one and want to use as a preamp(2ch.+sub)
    with a Rotel power amp. Manual says CD is to be input thru a separate preamp or"integrated" amp. Can I input
    CD direct to 960(where)? No Aux, where could I input my Dishnetwork audio(L+R) to the 960? Front speakers connected to power amp, and then to 960 via the Front pre-outs? Thanks!!! Don

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    Hi, this unit actually makes a very good sounding 2 ch preamp, which is how it seems you are going to use it (as did I). I find the manual and back panel very confusing. You can use both "line in" and "LD" for CD (they are standard inputs, just labeled funky) - I had my DVD hooked to one and the CD player hooked to the other - works great (forget about the integrated amp they have shown hooked to line in). Video 1 and 2 I used for my TV and Dish - this gives you a total of 4 inputs - plus you have "tape in" also which I never tried but probably works for any input device also.

    You say you have an integrated amp? So why buy this, for remote volume control / input switching? Can you use the integrated as a power amp like the NADs do (pre-out to main-in jumper on back)? I am assuming that is what you are doing - then yes, hook the Front Pre-outs to your stereo amp inputs . If that is not possible, you can just route the 960s pre-outs to the CD in on the integrated while leaving the it on CD and about half-volume (you may have to experiment with that). Then just turn it on and off like it were an amp. The better choice is the first one, but this will work. What integrated amp do you have?
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