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    Rotel RB 1070 as power-amp. with a receiver

    Hello everybody,

    My name is Tuyen, Nguyen Van. I come from HCMC, Vietnam. I am a newbie.

    I have CD player Teac VRDS-10, Denon DCD-700AE, Yamaha RX-V1500 receiver, and a pair of B&W 603S3. My listening is 90% music, jazz, classic, a little of pop and country.

    I would like to add a Rotel RB 1070 or 1080, and use the RX-V1500 as pre-amp., to get more dynamic, warm and deeper bass, and more detail mid.

    Could you please tell me, in this case, the sound could be better, or just a difference ?
    Or I should buy a pair of pre/pow. My budget only USD 1,000.

    Thanks for your help,


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    Hello Tuyen (Did I do that correctly? I know that in many Asian cultues surnames or family names appear at the front of the title..I'm not trying to be offensive),

    A pre/pro would be the best but I do not think for US$1000.00 you will find both products that will be much better. A seperate amp will provide much more current to your speakers and the B&Ws tend to like current.

    I have had good experience with Rotel items. I suspect that it would be a good upgrade.

    Welcome to the forum.

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    Thank Bobsticks, my family name is Nguyen. In Vietnam, normally, we do not use the family name at conversation.
    I might get the Rotel RB first, and use the RX-V1500 receiver as pre.
    The manuals show that output power of RX-V1500 is 120W, RB 1070 is 130W, and 1080 is 200W (just talk to power only). So I intend to go to the 1080 to drive the B&W speakers.
    In your experience, may the RX-V1500 play well the role ?

    Thanks for your advice,

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    The Rotel is a beautiful amp. Best valued amps in the world as far as I'm concerned.

    The 1070 is WAY more than enough power for your speakers. You are unlikely to ever use more than a couple watts for normal listening levels. You will NEVER approach 100 watts. That would deafen you.

    Yamaha preamp sections are well-known for having weak output signals. It'll work, but isn't the most robust preamp section available. The amp will have to work a bit harder to turn the signal up for you.

    Still, you'll be happy. As mentioned, the B&W's are reputed to like current... the Rotel will provide it without breaking a sweat.

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