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Thread: Rotel Ra840-bx3

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    Rotel Ra840-bx3

    Hi everyone ive just joined tonight need some advice about my amplifier the right chanel is not working but the left is perfect ive changed the fuses 6.3A i believe but still cant get the right chanel working does anyone know how i can resolve this any advice would be very much appreciated thanks and will look forward to a response.

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    let me

    Welcome to the forum, there could be a number of problems. The best thing to do is visit Rotels website for trouble shooting tips and maybe talk with a tech. Worst come to worst you may have to take it to a tech to have fixed. This is generally the steps I take when trying to resolve an issue with my gear. good luck
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    hi good idea to look on the rotel site my local hifi shop will look at it for 15 pounds and tell me whats wrong with it but trying to resolve problem first without doing that would be really buzzing if it can be done thank you.

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