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    Reciever for large speakers

    Hello, im new to these forums as well as building home theater systems from scratch. I have speakers alrdy I just need a good reciever to make sure they are getting enough power for these large speakers (they measure about 3 1/2 ft tall), heres the speakers wattage ratings. 2 rear speakers opperate from 15-150w power the front L & R speakers opperate from 10-250w power and the center channel can handel up to 150w power. And if i get a sub (explained below) it would be a small 115w 10" front Firing one. Plz give a suggestion on what reciever should be used ^^ also do you think i will need a sub? The front L & R and rear speakers both have 12" woofers on them. Thx for your inputs ^^.

    These were the recievers i was looking at:

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    Exactly which speakers do you own?

    Do you NEED to play them as loud as possible?

    How efficient are they?

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    Ok here we go i havent decided which pair will be my front l/r and rear l/r speakers but here are those two pairs. The first pair are about 10 years old but still sound beutiful they are the Fischer Studio Standard st-845s as for efficiency i dont know. The rest of the speakers im buying new and will provide u links for them.

    Other pair:

    Center Channel:


    As for loudness i deffinatly do not need to turn them up all the way, i have never used any of my speakers as loud as they can go, it would be nice however to be able to turn them up a little bit ~half their max volume.

    I have one more question, will these new speakers im buying come with speaker wire or will the reciever come with it? or will have i have to buy it seperately? I was thinking about buying monster cable 16 gauge speaker wire but ive heard ppl have trouble getting it into their speakers w/o banna plugs. Thx
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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    "Large" is not relevant to your situation.

    The main concern should be their sensitivity, which is how much "loudness" a speaker develops for a given wattage. I.e, a speaker with a higher sensitivity number (usually specified in "db") will play louder than one with a lower number for he same wattage.

    Most modern speakers state their sensitivity and will give you a relative basis for comparison.

    As you might have guessed, size is irelavent to this matter. Some of the largest speakers (Klipschorn and Altec VOT come to mind) were extremely sensitive and would fill a good sized hall with just a handful of watts.

    And again, how "loud" you want has to be factored in here as well. I've got more than enough volume and clarity with a 90 wpc HT receiver and a set of five Athena speakers with a powered sub.

    One thing you might want to consider is that it's recommendedthat at least the front three speakers be of similar tone and timber. That is to say that they should be from the same manufacturer and, even moreso, of the same line within that mfgr. This assures that voices traversing the front stage sound similar.

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    OK heres the requested info:

    Im really leaning twoards that pioneer 1 at best buy (probably because it has clamps so i wont have to buy banana plugs). The recievers ive been looking at have been saying 100wpc x 5 what about the sub? does it take a little wattage from each of the channels for the sub or is there 100w for it? thx.

    Operates about 80-99db (dependent on frequency)

    KLH Speakers:


    Center Channel:
    Ok I found 2 klh center channels which one do you think i should purchase?


    Im kind of leaning twoard the one at but im open to imput

    As for the loudness, its a samll room id say 12x12 but some times i like turning it up a little ^^.

    I have a question should the sub be the same brand as the front 3 channels as well? Because best buy has a klh on sale for 99 this week 10" down firing i believe.

    thx for all your help

    hehe this is about my 4th time editing this post buy heh i wanna get this right ^^, you think i should use the klh as my front speakers right? They are more powerfull and would be newer they have the same things as my old fischer (same size/number of drivers).
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    Alright I think i found the beuty that will power my speakers ^^. The denon AVR-484 5.1 @ 110wpc. This is the highest rating ive seen at the price range i was looking at ($200). What do you think? After looking into it further it says 110wpc at 6ohms at 80wpc at 8ohms..... back to the drawing board =/. **Update** It looks like the Pioneer VSXD514K will be the best option for me powering all 6 channels in surround at 100wpc. The only thing is that the best buy site says it has 2 optical and 1 coax dig inputs and the other sites im going to are saying that it has 2coax and 1 optical? any suggestions ^^?
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