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    Receiver Video Upconversion???

    I just bought a Onkyo TX-LR552 receiver and it says it does Component video upconversion, what exatcly does that mean?

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    I hate that term: "upconversion." You're receiver isn't "upconverting" anything, all it is doing is allowing you to use different inputs from your sources (i.e. S-video, RCA, component) while only using the component "out" from your avr to the monitor. It's a misnomer because any signals coming into the avr that are less than component quality aren't upscaled at all. If you use a rca's from your stb to the avr, you'll get rca quality out of the component wires to the monitor. It makes life a lot easier and allows fewer wires, but it doesn't improve your video quality. What you put in is what you'll get out.

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