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    re the emotiva upa-2

    i have been considering getting the 125 wpc emotiva upa-2 amp to give some oomph to my system.i have an 80 wpc nad integrated amp that is hooked up to a pair of ruark epilogue bookshelf speakers which are measured at 86db.would bi amping the ruarks significantly improve the sound quality via the emotiva?what i am looking for with bi amping is using the additional power to get better bass definition,more "bloom",so to speak coming from the speakers,etc.

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    I do not know your speakers but most speakers will change their characteristics when biamped to a certain degree. It all depends on the amps used, how well they work with the speakers you are running. Most of the time dynamics are the most noticeable difference but you could as well get more bass definition due to more power for each driver in the speaker. You could also get improvements in soundstaging and imaging as well. Like I said it really depends on how well the amps you choose work with the speakers you have. But Emotiva does have a money back guarantee so if you are wanting to try it you are probably picking a good brand to try it.

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