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    RCA out, or R/B wire out

    i have a kenwood kc-105 pre-amp. then i have a sony str-vx200 amp

    my speakers have bolth black/red wire inputs, and RCA inputs
    I want to use RCA, but i dont know if the RCA outputs on my amp are for that.
    also i was thinking of leapfrogging my amp and just using my pre-amp's RCA out. would that destroy my pre-amp, or my amp.

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    Not sure -- are you speakers powered? If so, then straight out of the preamp is fine; if it's just an alternate means of hooking up speaker wire, then no, don't hook up the preamp. Shouldn't destroy anything, but won't work. And I don't mean, "it won't work well", I mean, "it won't work".
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    A pre amp drives a power amp much like a power amp drives speakers. Most pre amps have only about two volts out and are not designed to drive a speaker. Connect your pre and power amp as designed and connect your speakers using the wire connections not the RCAs.

    Also, attempting to connect your speakers directly to your pre amp may not be wise. When connected to a power amp the outputs of the pre amp see a very high impedance, whereas your speakers will show the pre amp approx 8 ohms. It probably won't like that.

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