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  • 03-30-2004, 10:29 PM
    quick question
    i was just wondering how something works.

    say you have a amp with preouts and you have a seperate stereo amp powering another set of mains, or surrounds for the sides. how do you get the volume the same as with the receiver? like alot of stereo amps dont even have remotes, so would you have to get up and kinda tune it to a somewhat right volume each time you change the volume?

    or even more complicated using mono amps for all the speakers off of the preouts, how does the volume work?

    does a receiver actually feed the preouts more power when you turn up the volume, so all you would have to do is match the volumes up once and then it would go up and down with the volume of the receiver?

    thanks for any input
  • 04-01-2004, 12:00 PM
    Well, if I'm reading you correctly, your asking about hooking up an external amplifier to an existing receiver. The volumes can be adjusted by playing around with the speaker levels in the receivers setup options, and yes, the strength of the pre-out's signal is sensitive to the volume level of the receiver.
    For example, some amplifiers (separates) don't have volume knobs, and when hooked up to a receiver or pre-amplifier, the volume is dictated by the signal from the receiver/pre-amp. Turn the receiver volume up, the external amp gets louder. So those little +/- adjustments you can make to each speaker's volume still applies when going the separate route. Just calibrate your speaker levels at the most common volume you'll listen to your system at and enjoy.
    My amp's don't have remotes, so yeah, I have to get up and press a button, but the added sound improvement is worth it to me.