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    Thumbs up QSC SRA 3622 Amplifier
    I just bought this amp and I am very pleased.
    I could not resist the savings of $1,699.01 USD with free shipping and no tax.

    Power 725 per ch 8 ohm
    The listining experience is 3D with a chilling realism.
    As home 2-ch stereo:
    The sound is very natural with accurate & detailed midrange.
    Powerful bass but not boomy or muddy. The highs are crystal clear but not fatiguing.
    This is a great amplifier and would impress even the most discriminating audiophiles.
    Vinyl records just sound awesome through this unit.

    For Home Theater
    Very quiet cooling fan (I could not hear it even with my ear next to the amp)
    This amplifier will bring movies to life and makes the whole H.T. experience more realistic and exciting.

    In a nutshell:
    Plenty of Power, Low distortion, Musical, With a plethora of inputs including RCA (rare for Pro-Sound) Very quiet cooling fan. Removable rack mount brackets.
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    my system
    Technics SL-1210M5G
    Marantz AV8003
    Oppo BD-83
    Yamaha C-70
    Crown MA-12000i
    Emotiva XPA-5

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