I am not a sound person. I have been researching like crazy to better understand the process of building PA systems and I am seeking some advice because I am building a small/medium sized system. I have already purchased the following speakers/components:

Pair of JBL SRX748 Double 18 Subwoofers
Pair of JBL MRX525 Double 15 Mid/High
3 Furman Power Conditioners
1 BBE DS48 Speaker Management System
3 DBX Dual Band EQ's

The big question is this: What amp is better for what I am doing? Is crown the brand, or is QSC? I have heard good things about both. I have read enough to know not to by the RMX series of QSC.

I have planned to match the subs with either:
A. 1 QSC PLX3602 Per Cabinet in bridged mono @ 4ohms or
B. 1 Crown XTi4000 Per Cabinet in bridged mono @ 4 ohms

I have planned to match the MRX-525 cabinets with:
Crown XTi2000 in bridged mono @ 8 ohms

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions for me, that would be great. Thanks!