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Thread: preamp help

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    preamp help

    im looking for the new hometheather set
    i have stereo set of rotel already
    now i want to look for the AV set
    U guy pls help me to select between nad preamp163 and rotel preamp1068 which has 7 channal
    which one have more feature?????
    thanks guy

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    very tough

    Both NAD and Rotel are very good, if u are looking for features go for Rotel , and the quality all depends upon how u listen and see......... cause both the pres are very good for the buck u pay, or go for anthem which is also a good bargain,
    thanks happy purchase.

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    I'd go with the Anthem AVM 30. Far more features and better sound the Rotel. It is a seven channel Pre Pro. With this piece of gear you can really dial your room in. What kind of amp will you be using? I'd go with ATI,Arcam or Parasound. All fine sounding amps that offer seven channles.

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