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    Pioneer Elite VSX-35TX-protection circuit issues

    Hi, all...

    I'm a new forum member. Have a Pioneer Elite VSX-35TX home theater receiver. Started having problems with the protection circuit activating and turning off the receiver. Pulled off the top wrap-around case and used canned air to blow out significant dust accumulations. Now, it runs very well when speaker-A is selected, even at high listening levels ( as high as -4 dB).

    However, when I switch in the B speakers, the protection circuit activates... I disconnected the Niles impedance bridge and the protection circuit still activities when I switch from A-only to A+B.

    Love the receiver -- just am tired of pulling it out and lookng for gremlins. Anyone have any experience?



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    Is the receiver going into protect mode with no speakers connected to it ? How many pairs of main speakers are you running ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blaketexas
    However, when I switch in the B speakers, the protection circuit activates...
    Hi, Blake.

    Driving multiple speakers from the same channel reduces the load impedance and increases the current draw. Your receiver is designed to run 8 ohm speakers. If you connect two sets of 8 ohm speakers (one to A and one to B) and run them simultaneously, the load drops in half to 4 ohms. In practice, actually probably a bit lower. My double Advents drop to a minimum of 2.3 ohms. Which really requires a beefy amp to handle. That A/B speaker switch intended for using the same receiver to drive remote speakers instead of the mains. Or else connect them to the rear channels.


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