• 11-12-2003, 09:00 AM
    Perreaux E-220 Vs. Parasound Hca-2200 (original)
    HELP! ! ! ! Is anyone out there familiar with BOTH of these amps? I am in a position to own both. I've heard quite a bit about both, but I'm not sure, if given the option, which would be the better performer.

    Parasound - brute power
    Perreaux - finesse

    Both are extremely good at what they do, but . . . . which would best handle: Jazz, R&B, Jazzy R&B, classical - etc. Eventually, "everything" makes it through my speakers, but the 2 mentioned are my 1st choice(s).

    Please Respond: Perreaux E-220 vs Parasound HCA-2200

    Thanks in advance.

    You may get a technical as you'd like (despite the simplicity of my intro) I do understand many of the more technical "terms and concepts" - for the most part. :)
  • 11-18-2003, 07:49 AM
    Can't speak for the Perreaux but
    I have two Parasound HCA2200 II's and am very pleased with them. I don't know of the difference from the original to the ones that I have but I would not expect it to be a big difference. These amps seem to be very well made and have plenty of clean power. The pair that I have was used as the power supply for a theater in Salt Lake City and they must have served them well as they used them for 15 years or so. They seem to be none the worse for wear and still work perfectly at nearly 20 years old.
    I have used them with several different speaker configurations in 8 ohm and 4 ohm, bridged mono and used individually. I have to admit that they really shine when bridged mono but it takes a rather large array of speakers to utilize them in this way. They seem accurate, run quietly and never get too warm. They have great bass punch and to me are very clean from top to bottom whether listening to rock, jazz, classical or whatever.
    Sorry, I can't help with the Perreaux, just remember reading good things about them. If you are able to buy both, you could test for yourself and sell the one that you don't need. I am very satisfied with the Parasound amps and I also use a Parasound PLD2000 preamp, no problems there either.