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    Parasound Z-series Quality

    Has anyone used the Parasound Zamp amplifier, Zpre2 preamp, or any of the other z-series components? How do they stack up as far as sound quality? I'm not looking for audiophile equipment, but I would like to be a notch above the Sony crowd in setting up a multi-room system. For example, in their price range I can also go with the Cambridge Audio stuff, but I would be giving up a lot of convenience such as size & 12v triggers. Any recommendations?

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    No response?

    Should I presume that this is a sign to avoid the Parasound Z-series?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightflier
    Should I presume that this is a sign to avoid the Parasound Z-series?
    I just set up a bedroom system with the Z-series (preamp, amp and tuner) along with Usher S-520 bookshelves. It rocks! Great, pure clean sound, far better than one would expect from a small system. I use an iPod in a doc for a source, with everything recorded lossless. I think these components are great. They are stacked, but if I could find a half-width rack it would be perfect. The tuner does a great job of pulling in clean FM--the best FM sound I have heard in years (our area is a challenge to receive).

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