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    Outlaw Amps/Preamps

    I'm wanting to replace my current A/V receiver with seperates. I recently found Outlaw, which only sells over the internet. I would appreciate any information anyone could give me on the quality of their products. I like their prices, but I'm a little hesitant about buying something like a new amp without getting to listen to it in the showroom first. Any help, experiences, or comments would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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    That is why they have such great prices and a return policy, I own an Outlaw sub. For an alternative choice look at Emotiva. I own their great XPA-5 amp which in my opinion is superior in price/performance value. The XPA-1 and XPA-2 are super monoblock and two channel amps. The UMC-1 and XMC-1 (I'm on the pre-order list) are pre/pro's to be released in the near future.

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    Outlaw has been around for years and are very well known. Great amps ,you would not go wrong. You just better have a strong back to lift the suckers

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    I had a pair of M-blocks for awhile several years ago, they were ok. Outlaw has its issues like any manufacturer, but they stand behind their product which goes far with me.

    Unfortunately the challege with internet based a/v companies is you can't sample the products easily ahead of time. I have to say though, I've bought several pieces of gear this way and every single item I liked better than its closest brick and mortar competitor, even the few I wasn't completely satisfied. I think it's a high value way of shopping if you can tolerate some trial and error. Many have have 30-day return policies that allow you to test drive the product before committing to purchase.

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