• 11-04-2007, 06:52 AM
    Are Onkyo integrated amplifiers that bad?
    I've searched the net for some review or opinions on Onkyo's amplifiers and I have found so far only some reviews about the 9555.

    If I search for Nard 325 or Cambridge Audio 540A I found much more reviews (isn't CA a very small company?).

    Why for a brand so 'big' there aren't opinions? Are Onkyo's amplifier beside the 9555 so bad?

    (I'm interested in the young brother 9355 but havent' found anything)
  • 11-04-2007, 07:22 AM
    Part of the reason you might not see many reviews is this is a new series for Onkyo. I do know Stereophile gave the 9555 a very good review and I would like to hear one of those. NAD has such a long running reputation for good sounding gear and CA has made some serious leaps in sound and build quality that people love to review them. I own CA and have been impressed but what I have read about the Onkyo 9555 I am wondering if for not much more money I might reach a new level of performance.