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    Old vintage equipment.... any good?

    I have the following all made by TOA:

    P-924 amp

    Would this pieces be of any use to me in my current home setup. All I have so far is a Yamaha RX-V1500 receiver and pair of psb image 4t towers. I was planning on buying a plate amp and building an enclosure for my sub but then thought maybe somehow this 924 amp can power it?? Maybe not I dont know that why Im asking! Ormaybe the other peices are any good or should it go back in the bassment?


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    I don't know what those models are but TOA has a good rep for making quality gear. Maybe you could use a power amp to run your main speakers. If you don't have room in your basement send them to me and I will store them for you.

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    that page has some PDF files of info on the P-924 amp. that is the make II that is black, and mine is the make I that is silver, but same thing inside I think? It says it is 240 watts RMS @ 4 ohms but has weird hookups. not simple RCA's... if anyone is familiar with these amps at all i would love to be enlightened.


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    You should have no problem running a subwoofer or two subs for that matter with a 240wpc @4ohm rating. If they do not have RCA's then they either have 1/4" jacks or TRS connectors (like a mic). TRS is usually balanced and 1/4" and RCA are usually unbalanced. If it's 1/4" then just get a 1/4" to RCA adapter at RatShack. Not sure about the TRS to RCA though. Maybe post over at parts express tech talk. Someone will chime in a response.

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