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    Old KR9600 needs going over....

    Hello, My name is Bill and I am new to this site. I recently brought up my Kenwood KR9600 from the basement. I have had this receiver since the 70s. I was hoping someone could clue me in as to where I could get this unit re-furbished and what I should expect to pay. I am by no means an electronic tech, but would attempt something like this after some technical reading, so some advice in that area would also be helpful. Thank you!

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    Welcome Bill. What exactly are the issues? If you take it to a tech, they will rob you. Unless you have a strong attachment I would suggest buying another vintage amp instead.

    It probably just needs a cleaning which you can do easily. Buy yourself a can of contact cleaner, open it up and away you go.

    Let me know what issues you are having and I can advise you further.

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    Hi Bill!, as poppa already mentioned, a tech will rob you (trust me, they will)

    normally these amps shouldn't require that much looking after, if it still works, a good cleaning will do. Get yourself some deoxit and work on the potentiometers. if you have a multimeter, measure the DC offset, there's some good info here on that: Amplifier disortion, DC offset and You!

    maybe there are some bulbs burned out, but they're easily replaced...

    Good luck, and have fun!

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